Parking Control Services

Parking Control Services

Allegiant Guard Security offers parking services through private security guards encompassing a range of tasks aimed at managing parking facilities efficiently and ensuring the safety and convenience of users. As a part of our security patrol services, Allegiant Guard Security provides highly trained, uniformed security guards in marked security cars who patrol sites looking out for issues, and submit digital and advanced reports of your property daily. Our patrol services will dramatically reduce any break ins, vandalism and other crimes against your property, staff, residents and visitors. We are committed to closing the gap between law enforcement agencies and security services, by providing targeted patrols in your community. Some common elements of parking services provided by private security guards include:

Guards monitor parking areas to ensure compliance with parking regulations and prevent unauthorized parking. This involves patrolling parking lots or structures on foot, by vehicle, or through surveillance systems to identify any violations.

Safety and Security:
Guards ensure the safety and security of the parking area by monitoring for suspicious activity, responding to emergencies such as accidents or medical
incidents, and deterring theft, vandalism, or other criminal activity.

Guards enforce parking regulations by issuing warnings, citations, or fines to vehicles that violate parking rules, such as parking in reserved spots, blocking fire lanes, or overstaying time limits.

Traffic Management:
Guards assist with traffic flow within the parking facility during peak times, directing vehicles to available spaces, managing entrance and exit points, and preventing congestion or gridlock.

Customer Assistance:
Guards provide assistance to visitors navigating the parking facilities, including providing directions, helping with parking payment systems, and offering information about available parking spaces.

Vehicle Towing:
In cases of repeated or severe violations, guards may arrange for the towing of vehicles that pose a safety hazard or obstruct the parking area.

Overall, parking services provided by Allegiant Guard private security guards play a vital role in maintaining order, safety, and accessibility within parking facilities, whether they are in commercial, residential, or institutional settings.